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The Work on Lawyers
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What exactly is a lawyer and what is required to practice law?


The provisions of Article 5 of the Lawyers Law state that there are two conditions for practicing law: qualification as a lawyer and a lawyer's certificate.

What can a lawyer do?


The provisions of Article 25 of the Lawyers Law state that a lawyer can engage in the following.

What are a practicing lawyer’s obligations?


A lawyer involved in litigation may collect and consult materials pertaining to the case he is handling, and correspond and meet with a person with restricted movement.

Lawyers are not allowed to do the following in their practice:


No accepting authorization privately, levy fees on a client privately, or accept money or things of value from the client.

To engage a lawyer as an agent, what can a person do?


There are two ways that a lawyer can act on one’s behalf – as a general agent, and as a special agent.

The Work on Lawyers